4 vote, 4.8 / 5 Agmaio (Agma io): free online game for interesting entertainment for players of all ages. Play mini flash games and have a lot of fun! is a complex and addictive multi-player io game. You control a cell you can customize with a variety of fun bindings, and your goal is to multiply, grow and defeat your enemies. Your character's movement is slow, but you can quickly increase the size by collecting scattered colored stones in the arena. You can divide your single cells into smaller units to collect faster, but this can make it an easier target for your enemies. If you have problems, you can quickly assemble your cells. This .io game has an added advantage in the game store where you can buy different brands and bonuses where you can buy items using the currency you collected during the game. Also Agma. IE allows you to join and play with your friends to conquer. Can you make the biggest cage and beat your opponents?