Bad Ice Cream 4 (BIC 4)

Bad Ice Cream 4 (BIC 4) PLAY GAME
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Bad Ice Cream 4 (BIC 4) Bad Ice Cream 4: Nitrome, you'll find hungry monsters ready to eat whenever you want. You will have to play for bad ice cream. Why the bad because the owner escaped. The cow wanted to love ice cream for a long time, but he did not want to do his ice cream duty and decided to escape. The cow follows you and you always win real races, so you must be one step ahead to avoid defeat. To get away from the bucket, you need to use ice blocks and other items that you can store, but the cow is not that stupid and can lick blocks and destroy them completely. In Bad Ice Cream 4, you must constantly invent and solve the puzzle about how to prevent annoying animals. Find and use items. For example, there are objects that you can hide to keep track of each other and win a few seconds. The main goal is to reach the ferries and get away from this place. The cow didn't understand you. Bad ice Cream 4, you can't lose a minute, you're approaching!