13 vote, 4.5 / 5 Brutalmania io is a smart game to pump your character. Created according to the latest fashion trends. And probably the most bloody .io game now, but if desired, bloody effects can be turned off. And so what we need and what we can do. First, we have to understand that it will be very difficult for us without killing and without good deeds. It will be necessary to pump the pumped bomzhik from scratch. For the killings and the levels are given gold, which we will spend on improvements. The first thing we need to pump this gun is that the skin is not very important for the game. You need to purchase skins, but you don't need to wear them. It is also worth noting that the weapon has different characteristics and that the weapon, which is always better for you in battle, cannot be better. There may be more damage, but it can be very slow, good or vice versa. The purple braid in the coolest 18 lvl for me. Good luck. Brutal Mania io is not as simple as it looks, but now it's played by thousands of players.