11 vote, 5.0 / 5 Welcome to the world of Devastio. Devast io is a multi-user browser game where your opponents will be players from all corners of the world. You can sit and play at home on the computer, and the other player can be a thousand miles away from you, but this will not prevent you from clashing in the battle. Your character will be a yellow man, who will be a stalker. He will fall into the zone of alienation, which conceals a lot of dangers. To start the game you need to enter your nickname and select a game server. You can get into the yoke at night or in the daytime. Getting into the game in the afternoon, you can immediately begin to search for food and extraction of wood and stone. but if you get into the game at night, then things will be more complicated.

In order for the hero to be alive and well, you need to observe the temperature, hunger and energy indicators that are in the lower left corner. To survive at night you need to get a tree and a stone to build a fire and not die from the cold. Also, you have to go in search of food. It will be quite difficult, because oranges do not grow as often as they would like, but dead animals are even less often. If you managed to collect food, you can roast the meat at the stake, and simply eat orange. Just watch that the products do not deteriorate. If you did not keep track of and eat spoiled food, then you will lose your health. In the upper left corner is an inventory where you can create various items that will help you survive and be saved from radiation. Also, do not forget that another player can defeat you. To prevent this from happening, try to destroy it first. Enjoy the game and good luck!