Dynast.io PLAY GAME
9 vote, 4.4 / 5
Dynast.io Play Dynast io is a great multiplayer browser game where you can play online with players from around the world. Before you start the game, you can choose not only your nickname, but also a cool warrior. You can also choose your hero clothes and hair color. You can start when everything is ready. You will find the big map on which the competitors are waiting for you. Not only other players around you, but other creatures, from harmless animals to wild animals and monsters. Unless you have no weapons in your ammunition, you need to collect wood, iron and gold to create weapons. After all, we all understand that it is not a good idea to fight enemies and monsters with bare hands. Each weapon has its advantages. If the club hits harder, you can get more resources with an ax. First, it is better to make a club and crush the monsters with it. This club will give great damages to terrible creatures.