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EvoWars io New EvoWars.io in multiplayer game. We're moving into the Middle Ages. Evo Wars io fights, kills and evolves! First you will fight as a man of Prehistory. Beat your opponents with opponents to reach the next level and get better weapons. EvoWars.io is the most powerful of the most advanced players. At EvoWars.io, transform yourself into an invincible monster! EvoWars.io is one of our selected .io games. In this order, we must go from a simple peasant who was knighted from an ordinary club. To do this, you will have to travel around places and collect different weapons and other resources. This will allow our character to grow. Since other people play with you, you'il meet their characters. If you are weaker than you or your level, you can attack them and you can beat to kill. But you can also meet a stronger character. You should try to hide from them.