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Flaap.io The main purpose of the popular flappy bird online Flaapio (Flaap io) game is to attract interesting enthusiasts, train handicaps, speed up the eyes and reaction. The style of the game is tradition in this category: you have to keep a bird among the frequent obstacles on the road. Do not let the design fall or hurt, because it will force the journey to start again. The high speed of movement and the different height of the gaps in the piping will not allow the ball to be disturbed for a moment. The birds are borrowed along the way without continuing to the flight, hitting the ground and hitting the obstacles. The bird is constantly required to fly at a certain rhythm to click with the left mouse button. The number of points earned is directly proportional to the number of pipelines crossed. In every short cut, the bird breaks. Even an experienced player can not accurately calculate the orbit of each take-off. After winning 10 points, there is an opportunity to develop the bird. In total there are 15 different levels of this transformation.