47 vote, 4.6 / 5 Play is a popular online game similar to PUBG and Fortnite io games. When parachuting into the map, the player must choose a place away from the crowd. Stay away from areas with more players. This will give you time to plan your vacant land and battle strategy. You should try to find the first-aid kit and weapons immediately. So you have an advantage over enemies. You can play with multiple weapons. So plan your weapons and choose. Using shotguns to strike opponents is a very effective attack method. This game is the newest browser game with a war concept. If you like shooting games, you should definitely play this game. As the player moves through the game, he must find weapons from the map and hit other opponents to hit his opponents. There are about 100 players in each game and your goal in the game is to remain the last player in the game. The last person in the game is declared as a winner. In the game you have the option to play with single, double and quadruple groups.

The game is fun and fast tempo, making it an interesting game. The player has the chance to parachute wherever he wants. You have to get stronger by getting a lot of materials and weapons that are spread all over the place. You can view the map by zooming in and out. There are large houses and bushes where you can hide yourself. Each weapon is different in terms of its features and availability.