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9 vote, 4.8 / 5 (Mope io) The Mopeio game is very similar to the lives of animals in the people of the wild and human society. At the beginning of the Mopio game, there is a small animal (often a mouse) to survive at any cost. At the beginning of (sometimes called "sea io" or "mopio") you have to do two things: eat red balls (fruits on the forests) and drink blue (water). The brewers push you to levels and the food chain, and the water does not allow the body to die from dehydration. The more powerful and the more your animal grows, the more it moves and the more animals it eats.
The animal that is at the bottom of the food chain and can simply destroy it easily - however, you need to be careful. The rumors in the game are enough: Cobra, spiders, foxes, maps and many more. The important thing is to live in a certain spot, when you can eat others yourself and then everything will be easier. The creators of the game are constantly watching for upgrades and upgrades to, there have been some mistakes and increase the effectiveness of the game.