Super Smash Flash 4 (SSF 4)

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Super Smash Flash 4 (SSF 4) Super Smash Flash 4 is perfect for combat, perfect game and movement. This is the flash copy of Super Smash Mario Brothers. Of course, there is no license for this, so the characters and names have been changed to prevent copyright issues. But other than that, you know he's gonna play. Super Mix Flash 4 game is a great opportunity to feel the character's invincibility and spirit power. Make three friends, press the group button, show the class in a fighting game at the stadium. Ultrasonic Sonic, nine-tailed Naruto, timid Mario, little yellow cute Pikachu, invincible Kirby. Super Smash Flash 4 starts with a fairly large video input. Then choose a mode: you can fight a computer without writing live opponents, you can simply press CPU when selecting enemies instead of HMN. Drag the funny faces of popular cute characters onto the p1, p2 buttons. Run to the battlefield, beat everyone!