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16 vote, 4.7 / 5 (Survive io) A simple and breathtaking Surviv io game with elements of combat 2d battle royale. Your story begins with the fact that the character in the stock has nothing but an empty backpack. You, advancing opponents, you need to get useful things: weapons, ammunition, medicines and stuff. You can easily find them by navigating the map and visiting the buildings. You can also replenish the treasury of useful items by killing enemies and taking their things. Io games are popular all over the world, so the action takes place in real time, where the main obstacles are other players. Players from North America, Europe and Asia gathered together on the same platform to compete in wit, care and caution. But apart from them you can be harmed by the red zone, which approaches with each second closer and closer. Watch the map and do not fall into its radius. This game can be played simultaneously online with two or one. The purpose of Surviv io - to remain the only survivor. Multiplayer for survival. You have to survive in difficult conditions. In this you are well helped by a map of the area, on which it is worthwhile to navigate. In an eerie world, you are thrown out without equipment, with bare fists. You need to collect weapons, protection (bulletproof vest, helmet, rucksack) and ammunition. Here you can not only pump out a character, but also develop your own survival strategy. The game Surviv io offers an unexpected attack on the opponent, jumping out of the bushes. Killing an enemy, you need to take his prey, thereby raising the level. The impact capacity will increase the capsules found.